Enhanced Employee Engagement = Enhanced Bottom Line.

If your people are your biggest asset, making sure they’re engaged and working effectively is critical to how your business delivers and improving your bottom line profitability.

But how do you really know? How can you find out what your people really feel about their role and their contribution? How do they feel about the business? What’s stopping them from performing to their optimum ability? And what would motivate them to really engage with your business ambitions?

How can you research engagement, efficiently and effectively? And how can you improve engagement?

We can help you answer these questions and much more:

We’ve already helped many businesses in almost every sector to maximise employee engagement through bespoke employee engagement and opinion surveys, tailored exactly to address business issues and aspirations. In fact, from the outset, engagement is at the heart of what we do, encouraging employee engagement within the process, to create survey advocates and maximise results.

Founded by HR professionals who understand the vital importance of excellent employee engagement, we not only know what questions to ask but how to ask them, and, crucially, how to scrutinise the results to deliver maximum business benefits.

So the first and only question you need to ask? – What can Enhancing Surveys do for you?

  • Tailor-made engagement surveys, rigorously enhanced by research and pilot-testing.
  • Survey methods that are proven to maximise response rates.
  • Results assessed and presented in priority to give clear areas for action.
  • An Engagement Index that can be used as a KPI to monitor and enhance engagement.
  • Specialists in attracting and summarising high quality, high quantity free-expression that is known to improve both service and productivity.


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