What can we say about the results we deliver?

Quite a lot! Overall, our employee engagement survey methods have proven so effective, we’ve been invited to join The Guru Group of leading experts as part of a Government initiative aimed at improving business results through measuring and increasing engagement levels.

To find out more about how the Government are investing in the proven benefits of increased engagement, visit Engaging for Success.

Plus, as you’ll see in our Surveys, our methods are rigorous in achieving usable, insightful information because we have thought about every part of the process.

Your FREE Master Class will give you an invaluable insight into best-practice guidelines on planning, conducting and obtaining cost-effective results from surveys.

We’ll work on achieving high levels of employee and management commitment from the outset – critical to ensuring high levels of response and high quality free-expression. By working closely with our clients, we regularly aim for – and achieve – response rates in excess of 80%

We’ll consult with you carefully to identify your drivers, what you want the survey to achieve, and design a survey bespoke to your needs. Many clients report that they include their Employee Engagement Score as one of their KPIs.

We’ll conduct robust qualitative research to ensure survey relevance. We’ll give you the tools to identify organisation/division/site-specific issues and obtain detailed demographics for comparative analysis and focused intervention. Through structured free-expression, we’ll encourage your employees to expand upon issues, so delivering more powerful results.

We’ll keep you up to date with details of survey responses on a daily basis, by demographics, to enable you to take immediate, focused action to stimulate further responses.

Ethics & Confidentiality

Everything we do is about enhancing engagement with authenticity. This begins with involving your employees in initial research and pilot testing with complete confidentiality. It ends with presenting meaningful results by each demographic factor but without identifying individuals.

In summary, these factors are key to high response rates and survey integrity:

  • Rigorous design and piloting
  • Communication on survey benefits and Executive commitment to feedback results and take action
  • Absolute guarantee of employee confidentiality
  • Validity of all demographics
  • Full disclosure of results
  • Robust, objective interpretation
  • Enhancing perceived as an independent and trusted 3rd party by your employees