Your business is unique

So our surveys are unique to you, not off-the-shelf. Neither do we benchmark against other business models. We benchmark you against your performance.

We provide you with in-depth analysis and precise measurement of your people’s engagement and your key issues, using a range of demographics to give added insight. Your survey will be supported with expert facilitation of results and development of effective action plans.

Success in surveys – increased engagement and ultimately better productivity – is enabled by:

  • Having clear objectives
  • Communicating effectively why and how you are surveying
  • Engaging all of your people in the process
  • Involving employees and managers in survey design
  • Designing powerful survey statements relevant to your organisation’s issues
  • Using technology to deliver accessible, online surveys
  • Giving maximum opportunities for free-expression
  • Obtaining high survey response
  • Having prioritised, in-depth, user-friendly statistics for your organisation and departments
  • Clear, speedy, effective facilitation of results
  • Communicating results quickly to your people
  • Taking effective action on results

The results we deliver can be remarkable, as these clients, among many others, have already found:

“A key feature of our Enhancing surveys has been identifying areas for improvements. This alone has given us a great return over the survey costs, notwithstanding the many other areas of valuable information and action items from the survey results. I would recommend Enhancing to any organisation serious about improving productivity and tackling the obstacles to change.”

“I would recommend Enhancing and their research methods to any employer seeking to better understand the views of their employees and improve productivity.”
HR Director

“The Enhancing survey format is so valuable we decided to conduct it quarterly: including the Employee Engagement Index as one of our Key Performance Indicators.”